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About Us

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as leading manufacturers and traders of special purpose castings to Indian and international standards. We are in a position to meet all your requirements for any type of ferrus (cast steel, cast iron etc) and non- ferrus casting (gun metal, bronze metal etc) in machined and non-machined conditions. In addition, we have the capacity and ability to supply castings with machining for any special purpose application as per your requirement. We would like to state that ours is a small scale company manufacturing and supplying to several manufacturing industries like Sugar Mill, Cement Plant, Paper and Steel Rolling Mill machine manufacturing industries, Government sugar mills, organizations etc. We have the complete infrastructure to manufacture the above mentioned products.

We have independent quality control set-ups with in-house facilities to assure good quality products in-built with the best technology, to ensure the exacting quality that our customers demand. We are very committed to produce the products as per our motto "ALWAYS AHEAD IN QUALITY".

We would also like to inform you that we are approved venders for ISGEC, Noida, IPL Sugar Division, Triveni Group, Uttam Industrial Group, Balrampur Group, DSCL Group, Rana Sugar Mills, Tikaula Sugar Mills etc.

You are therefore requested to please issue us the tender documents for the supply of the steel castings and cast iron for any machinery parts. Special Manufacturing Work – Trash Plate, Turn Beam, Cy. Head, Scraper, all types of Shafts, Pressure Plates, Head Stocks, Rollers, Top Caps, Gears, Rocker Blocks, Crown Pinions, Drum Pulleys, Foundation Bolts, Sprockets, Hubs, Brg. Housing, Plumber Blocks, Couplings, Tail Bars and all types of machinery parts.

We understand that your organization has a regular requirement of various types of machinery parts. We look forward to receiving your valued enquiries and orders.

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