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Paper Mill Machines

We fabricate a range of paper rewinders that which are among the important components of paper machines. Competitively priced, these paper rewinders are easy to install and maintain and are can be customized as per the specifications of the client.


Heavy duty rewinder for trimming and rewinding of the paper web in the required reel size. Rewinding is done by friction on double drum rolls duly loaded with chrome coated rider roll


Cast iron has a high carbon content and flaky structure which makes it very suitable for machine parts, as the structure dampens vibrations and provides a good sliding surface. Very often, model engine makers use this for their cylinders due to these properties. Cast iron is very easy to machine and leaves a nice surface finish. Specifications

High performance
Sturdy construction
Corrosion resistant
High tensile strength

Used in

Paper mills
Sugar mills

Paper machinery : Working pressure : 0.8 mpa
Max size : OD4270mm*5000 mmFL.
Working speed : 800 m/min
Material : HT250-300



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